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My Story

I had Lyme disease 10-years undiagnosed and was being crippled by arthritis from it. Also I had high mercury and lead levels. I had chronic heartburn. My stomach was bloated most of the day. I have 13 known food allergies discovered in 2001, wheat and dairy and all by-products being a couple of them.

I was chemical sensitive to Perfumes, Colognes, Soaps, Shampoo and Cleaners. I had chronic fatigue and slipped into a deep depression. My temper was out of control. My ability to function: speak, hear, taste, see, and think, nothing was working correctly.

After discovering the power of good nutrition my body was able to reverse every one of these problems over time. I have introduced this to others and they also had amazing results.

Thousands of people have taken back their lives.
Will you be next!!

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